Luke is a poet and data scientist living and working the Research Triangle Region of North Carolina. His primary artistic and academic interests lie in the utility of critical theory that examines the threshold between the individual and the social collective as illuminated by lived experience—exemplified by issues of identity, political economy, critical gender and race theories and queer theory. In what ways are our identities are formed by introspective processes in alignment or opposition with broader social narratives, and how this (dis)agreement alternately alienates or empowers those who do not fit within traditionally defined categories. Establishing the constraints of these traditional definitions allows investigation into the mechanisms through which these labels are imposed and enforced upon the individual, an understanding of the processes through which one accepts or rejects those labels and the consequences of that decision. Working primarily with Natural Language Processing, Computational Analytics, and Machine Learning, Luke produces innovative research, theory, and art examining intersections of the self, society, and the web.